How to convert your Windows Server 2003...
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Theming the Startup and Shutdown Windows

You probably have noticed that the Startup and Shutdown windows are not skinned, even when you've enabled and are using themes. In here, we'll be showing you how to get them skinned with the theme of your choice! Be sure to enable your themes service before proceeding, if you haven't done so you can go here to find out how.

Before starting, make sure you have a favourite visual style in use. In this guide, I'll be using Luna Blue.

Let's fire up the Registry Editor by going to Start -> Run -> and typing regedit followed by enter. The Registry Editor will open, browse to:


Right click on ThemeManager and choose Export, and then save the reg file anywhere you like, with any name. (See first screenshot)

Edit your saved registy file in Notepad and edit the following line:


so that it shows as:


As shown in the second screenshot. Save the file, and then execute your registry file.

Export Registry Key ThemeManager



Editing the Registry file

Starup and Shutdown windows themed

Reboot to see the changes made! If all went well, you should see your Startup and Shutdown windows themed with your choice of Visual Style as shown in the screenshot to the left!

You may have to repeat the steps outlined above if you change your visual style in future.

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