How to convert your Windows Server 2003...
to a Workstation!

How to enable System Restore

The most requested feature (apart from the Logon Screen & Fast User Switching) is here! You will need your Windows XP CD on hand to install this, as files from Windows XP are required to install System Restore into Windows Server 2003.

Please take care when using System Restore, as system instabilities are still unknown at this point, although it has been tried and tested! If your copy of Windows Server 2003 is to be used as a 100% workstation, then it should be OK to use System Restore!

The installation of System Restore is as easy as pie, follow the instructions below:

Download: Add System Restore

1. Extract the zip file into a folder, you will see two main files - AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and sr.inf

2. Double click on AddSystemRestoreEntries.reg and click on Yes when prompted.

3. Insert your Windows XP CD

4. Right click on sr.inf and select Install.

5. Point to the /i386 directory on the CD if prompted.

6. Reboot!

That simple eh! Many thanks to Gosh for this excellent hack!

Screenshots: Main System Restore Screen | System Restore tab in My Computer Properties

Let's move on to the last section, where you can find information and configure the little bits here and there!

Page 13 - Miscellaneous

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