How to convert your Windows Server 2003...
to a Workstation!


Folder Options

By default, all hidden files and folders are shown, you may want to hide this to reduce the number of files shown in Windows Explorer.

It's clutter to me, is it to you? Hide them! Open any folder and go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View tab -> select Do not show hidden files and folders -> and lastly OK.

Folder Options

Windows Media Player 9

Windows Media Player 9 is already installed. To activate it, go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Windows Media Player. Now tick all the relevant checkboxes suited to your needs and you're ready to go!

You can also add Media Player 9 to your taskbar by: Right clicking on your Taskbar -> Toolbars -> Windows Media Player.

Known Working Antivirus applications

Eset NOD32
eTrust AntiVirus 7
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers 5.41
PC-Cillin 2003 (Grab the patched PCC.msi and refer to this readme.txt for instructions)
PC-Cillin 2002 (Grab the patched PCC.msi and refer to this readme.txt for instructions)
Sophos Antivirus
Symantec Norton Antivirus Corporate 7.6
Symantec Norton Antivirus Corporate 8.x (Not Home versions of Norton Antivirus 2002/2003)

Known Working Firewalls

Norton Personal Firewall 2003
Sygate Personal Firewall v5.0 Build 1175
Tiny Personal Firewall 4.0
ZoneAlarm v3.7.159

That's it! You have successfully configured your Server to act as a Workstation, now you can resume all your usual day-to-day computer activities on Windows Server 2003! :-) You can find more info & extras such as XP Games, Tweaks, and Downloads from the navigation bar at the top.

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