How to convert your Windows Server 2003...
to a Workstation!


In here, you can download the files that were used in this Windows Server 2003 to Workstation guide. If you are lookinf for files such as TweakUI, please go to the Tweaks section!

If you are getting anti-leech messages when trying to download, then please temporarily disable your Firewall/ad-blocking applications and try again before contacting me. On request I will email the files.

PDF Downloads
This is the most requested feature of this guide with the amount of emails I've been getting! So, here they are, and the good thing is, all the links and thumbnails are clickable! These PDF files are dated 26th April and is currently up to date.

The Lite PDF version does not include full sized images, only the thumbnails:
Download Lite PDF (347 KB)

The Full PDF version contains the full sized images as well as the thumbnails; also clickable.
Download Full PDF (892 KB)

UXTheme.dll - Patched
This will allow you to run hacked visual styles on Windows Server 2003, giving you more choice over the default Luna theme. Make sure you enable the Themes service to be able to use Visual Styles! This zip contains the patched uxtheme.dll along with a batch file, to simplify the process of patching. More information can be found here


Original UXTheme.dll (in the case of anything going wrong!)

UXTheme.dll Automatic Patcher
As above, but included with a PatchXP application allowing you to patch the uxtheme.dll without any of the know-how! :-)


XP Games

This will install the Games from XP such as Minesweeper, Pinball and Solitaire on Windows Server 2003. Full instructions on this process can be found here


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