How to convert your Windows Server 2003...
to a Workstation!


The purpose of creating this guide is to make it short, simple, and to the point! This is the only guide you will find on the Internet that has gone into so much depth. The sections above do not have to be taken in any particular order, but for the full Workstation experience it's recommended you do it step-by-step!

I won't go into too much detail here, besides who loves reading too much? Not many people I bet, so I will go straight to the point in these sections, allowing a quick and easy configuration of your Server to convert it to act like a Workstation!

31st January - TweakNT page removed as it is in violation of MSFN's policy on cracking tools.
5th August - New XP Games Installer, does not need a Windows XP disc!
20th July - New TweakUI 2.10 for Windows XP & Windows Server 2003. See Tweaks Section for download.
15th July - System Restore implemented into the Step by Step Guide!

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I'm sure you'll know how to install Windows Server 2003, its basically done the same way as Windows XP. Assuming you want to run it as a workstation then leave the CAL (Client Access License) settings as they are when you come across it during Setup. Let's move on!


The first thing you should do is disable the Manage Your Server window, you don't want it nagging you everytime you boot up Windows do you? Simply tick the box "Don't display this page at logon". You can access it later via Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Manage Your Server. Manage Your Server

Now let's move on to the next section, where you will create a new user account.

Page 2 - New User

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